CT 2500S - 2D SERIES

Cutting machine for industrial processing of Polystyrene and Neopor.

This machine is a great production machine designed for companies with a demand for high output.

Improve your productivity and cut EPS blocks with up to 40 horizontal wires.

The heavy machine table is made of welded steel profiles and can be freely loaded and unloaded due to its open design from all sides with a forklift. Standard EPS blocks with with a size of 1.050x1.250mm can be processed with up to 20 wires simultaneously.

CT 2500S

CT 2500S Slabber

    21.500,00 € + Tax



  • Packaging, special packing
  • Insulation panels
  • Roof insulation
  • Slope roofs
  • Craft and Industry


  • Industrial-grade machine
  • Open machine table in a solid steel construction
  • Easy loading and unloading from all sides
  • 20 cutting wires (40 optional)
  • Fast cutting (up to 25mm / s)
  • adjustable conveyor belt speed
  • Material buffer
  • Multiplies your production speed

Technical Data

Model X-Axis (1) Y-Axis (2) Z-Axis (3) Price net
CT 2500S 5.000 mm / 200” 1.050 mm / 41” 1.250 mm / 49” PRICING

(1)Horizontal travel forward / back (2)Vertical travel up / down (3)Length of the cutting wire
(Price)plus Tax and shipping

Content of delivery

  • Machine fully assembled and tested
  • Machine control, power supply
  • Power supply for 20 wires
  • Cutting wire, tension spring, tools
  • Manuals, installation instructions, tutorials
  • 1-year technical email and phone support
  • 2-year warranty

The assembling of the machine takes about 60 minutes.
For operation no further equipment is needed.

Optional Accessories

  • Spare Cutting frame
  • 40 cutting wires
  • Spare wire
  • Springs
  • Training on site


  • About 8 weeks after receiving payment
  • Insured transportation via Schenker
  • Pickup available