CUT 1610S - 3D series

CNC foam cutting machine to cut Polystyrene Foam, Styrofoam, EPP and other materials.

Our hot wire CUT 1610S machine comes fully assembled and tested on an open machine table in a solid steel construction.

This ready to run cnc foam cutter has 4 movable axes. These axes can be controlled parallel or independently. You can cut standard isolation sheets with a size up to 1.250x650x1.250mm (X /Y /wire).

This machine is particularly suitable for companies processing standard insulation boards and small blocks. You can use this machine immediately.

CUT1610S Foam cutting machine
  • PRICES Start AT

    4.950,00 € + Tax



RTR X-Axis (1) Y-Axis (2) Wire (3) Price net.
CUT 1610S RTR 1.300 mm / 51” 700 mm / 27” 1.300 mm / 51” 4.950,00 € Inquiery

(1)Horizontal travel forward / back (2)Vertical travel up / down (3)Length of the cutting wire
(Price)plus Tax and shipping

Basic Machine

CNC foam cutting machine for computer-controlled cutting of 2D and 3D contours out of Styrofoam, Styrodur, EPP and other foams.

4 independent axes allow 3D tappered cuts with different sized contours on the A- and B-portal such as cones or conical columns.

The cutting wire tension for parallel cuts is controlled by a hard spring and for independent 4-axis cuts with a length change of up to 150mm by a soft spring. These machines are suitable for processing insulation boards and blocks up to a size of 1.250x700mm (X / Y) and a thickness of 1.250mm (wire).

Cut1610S CUT1610S

Computer Table

Computer table made of welded steel profiles to work with the machine in a standing position. The table provides space for an LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse. Up to three 19 " housings can be installed, e.g. the machine control unit and a wire power supply.

Models CUT 1610S Price +tax
Computer table AT050 Yes 390,00 €


  • Letters, Numbers
  • Logos
  • Packaging, special packing
  • Shop building and displays


  • 4 independent axes
  • 1 cutting wire
  • Standard isolation boards, size up to 1.250x650mm
  • CorelDraw ®, Adobe ®, Autocad ®
  • Supported file formats: DXF, PLT

Technical Data

RTR Units CUT 1610S
X-Axis mm 1.300
Y-Axis mm 700
Wire length mm 1.300
Motors 4
Wire 1
Motor X,Y Ncm 130/90
Drive X,Y TR12x3
Speed mm/min 900
Controller steps 1:16
Accuracy mm 0.1
Connection USB
Post-Prozessor ISO-GCode
Power 220VAC/5A
cm 205x115x150
Weigth kg 75

(Speed) with Mach3 and multitool USB Controller

Content of delivery RTR

  • Machine fully assembled and tested
  • Machine control with power supply
  • Power supply for 1 cutting wire
  • Mach3 Machining Software, CAD-Software
  • USB-Controller
  • Manuals, installation instructions, tutorials
  • 2-year warranty

The assembling of the machine takes about 60 minutes.
To operate the machine following accessory is required:

  • Computer with Windows 7 (recommanded)
  • StyroCam Pro Software
  • Computer table

Content of delivery CUT1610S RTR CUT1610S

Optional Accessories

  • StyroCam Pro Software
  • Computer table
  • Training on site


  • About 2-3 weeks after receiving payment
  • Insured transportation via Schenker
  • Pickup available